After two months of hard work in our spare time, we are proud to inform you that our iPhone soundboard application BeefyBoard: The iPhone Soundboard is now available for purchase at the iTunes Store.  There are lots of iPhone soundboards available but we believe that our application has some unique features that makes it stand out.  For example our iPhone soundboard application allows you to create your own soundboards.  You can upload the soundboards you’ve created to share with others and download the soundboards that others have created for you own fun and amusement.  BeefyBoard also has built in skin support for changing how the buttons look on the soundboard.

Here is the complete feature list:

  • Play multiple sounds at the same time.
  • Record your own iPhone soundboards.
  • Upload your soundboards to the web right from the iPhone to share with your friends.
  • Download soundboards to expand your library.
  • Customize the look through downloadable skins.
  • Create your own skins and upload them to our website for others to download.
  • Shake to amuse (plays random sounds).
  • Less than 10 ms playback means instant sound.
  • Works on the iPod touch.

For additional information you can visit us at