I had an issue where I was unable to get scrolling on a UITextView to work when editing was turned off. I searched and searched through the vast sea of information that is the internet and came up empty.

Basically the problem was that I had nested my UITextView inside of a UIImageView. This seems innocuous enough but UIImageView does not have the userInteractionEnabled flag set to YES by default. Therefore the event was dispatched up to that view from the main thread and was blocked because the view would not handle and propagate the event.

So the solution was to set the UIImageView’s userInteractionEnabled flag to YES.

    self.userInteractionEnabled = YES;

I think there could be other views that are set up like this as well, although I am not sure which ones they would be. So watch out for this, especially if you are defining your views in code.

I hope that this shows up in someone’s Google search and helps them out.